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Our Webdesign Services:

Our Webdesign Services consists of:

Website design, WordPress Blog Setup, Content Management System setup, Static Webpages, custom scripts installation and setup, mobile version of websites, graphic design, e-mail account creation and hosting solution recommendations.
Website design


We are focused on website-solutions. Supplying our client with user-friendly, effective, attractive and affordable website and webdesign options.

Blog Setup and Personalization:

If ever you want a functional blog, easily changed and updated with unlimited functions and features, we supply you with a fully setup WordPress blog designed to your taste for your business or personal needs. Access to admin area to add blog items daily and change content of your blog..

Content Management System:

A website setup to manage all your content and make it easily accessible due to the systems ability to organize and store the website’s images, articles, videos and all other content into categories and sections for easy search and manageability. Security on the latest CMS is very high and updated regularly. Have access to the admin area to be able to add and change the content of your website, effortlessly.

E-Commerce Sollutions:

PrestaShop is the most reliable and flexible Open-source e-commerce software. Since 2007, PrestaShop has revolutionized the industry by providing features that engage shoppers and increase online sales. The PrestaTeam consists of over 70 passionate individuals and more than 500,000 community members dedicated to innovated technology.

 Custom Management Scripts:

We have third party programmers that create custom scripts for special custom needs that some of our customers may have. These scripts are setup, personalized and customized by us to suite your specific needs.

Static Websites:

We have a much more affordable option ideal for the person or business who only wants a few pages, display a few images and some static articles, three to five pages max. Static sites are by no means restricted to only that and can also be expanded immensely. We implement html and HTML5.


 Mobile Compatible Sites:

Many search the web by means of various mobile devices, thus your website must have a mobile version for these surfers to be able to access your site effectively with their mobile devices. All our CMS sites have this ability that we setup for our clients on their request.

Website Graphic Design:

We do the design of your website graphics, such as logos, headers, footers, favicon etc.

Domain Name Registration:

We register your domain (if available) then design and build your Website, setup all your e-mail accounts as per your needs depending on your hosting options.

E-Mail Solutions:

We register your domain and host it if you simply need an e-mail address or many e-mail addresses with your business domain name? (eg. you@yourbusiness.co.za)

We also create your personal e-mail addresses when we build your website.


Although we do not do hosting ourselves, it takes a few minutes to setup a hosting account using one of our reliable third-party hosting companies. We use various reliable and proven hosting companies for local or international hosting. Hosting accounts are setup in accordance with your business or personal need and requirements. only pay for the part you use, no need to buy a train if you need a wheel barrow. As you need more with time we simply upgrade your current account/s.

Contact us to setup an appointment: Via Cell: 08 3252 8304, Phone: 051-448 7490 or Fax: 0866 977 028.