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All our websites are built, designed and optimized using WordPress and numerous WordPress plugins and responsive themes. Please feel free to page through our portfolio of active websites.


A multi-page website that serves as the main website of the business to explain the concept of couples dance. Also serves as a blog with many entries for different events that took place throughout the past 3 years.

Due to Covid-19 it was decided to go online with the dance Club. See next entry: Online Lessons Partner Dance:


PartnerDance, Online Lessons :

After being out of business for a while due to Lockdown, Online Partner Dance was created. A fully fledged Membership site with (LMS) Learning Management System active to present the online lessons.


en in Afrikaans:


Bloemfontein Handyman.

Your greatest mission is to find an exceptional handyman of quality and integrity, this in itself is an art.

But, look no further because you have just found what you were looking for.

Remember also that simply selecting the cheapest person from a list does not ensure you get the best.

Static Website with 8 pages, Sub-domain, Our hosting

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At Dots Little Tots we buy and sell pre-owned and new baby necessities online. Feel free to surf our e-commerce website to view and buy our quality products online.

WordPress Blog with full E-commerce function and Unlimited amount of pages, – own hosting. 

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Universal Sex Ethics:

Universalsexethics is an online training center where learners can take paid memberships and study the true meaning of Sex Ethics.

SSL, payment gateway, online learning centre and certificates.



A one page WordPress website built to attract developers that will be able to manufacture the product and setup a production line for commercial use:



This is a mobile app game and is played for free with in-app purchases. The game is played by matching cute picture images on a scroll bar with pictures on a board containing 15 pictures. There are 12 match boards spread over 4 levels, according to the degree of difficulty. There are no annoying adds in the game and no Wi-Fi or Internet is required.

CMS 3 Pages with own hostinge    Visit Seekomatchapp


Kitchenware merchant is a dropshipping wordpress website, selling kitchenware and is  connected to AliExpress using a Alidropship plugin.

Responsive Dropship Multiple page Website: Visit Kitchenwaremerch.com


Tronicsmerch is a dropshipping wordpress website, selling Electronic supplies and is  connected to AliExpress using a Alidropship plugin.

Responsive Dropship Multiple page Website: Visit Tronicsmerch.com