About Us


As the owner of Webdesignint (Webdesign International) I am exceptionally proud to announce that I was internationally trained, in a hands-on way, by a Canadian mentor.


The knowledge I gained through the intensive training is different from training available locally, in the sense that the approach of my training is not only focussed on distinctive and one-of-its-kind website design and the forefront appearance, but also on marketing.

The service we render is totally unique and very personal. Each client receives individual attention and assistance, even as much as education about what a website is actually for. Treating each client in this ‘personal-involvement’ way of service results in the client being unique with something unique to contribute to the market and the world and not just another website!

My pledge to my clients is: I will continue with the setup and design of the website until the client is absolutely satisfied, even if it means re-designing the website from scratch.

This company, Webdesign International, stands for rendering a very personal service that ensures long-term satisfied clients with superior websites!

Stephen Jordan


Chat with me on skype: sjjordan1

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